Media Kit – Blog “Juny pelo Mundo”

We are “Juny pelo Mundo” (“Juny around the world” in english)

The Travel blog has been written and managed by the couple Juliana and Leonardo

Juliana: Traveler, Dreamer, Aspiring to Backpacker, Business Administrator, Bookaholic. She loves to plan a trip, either to the neighboring city or to the other side of the world. She loves to know new cultures and tell her adventures. And prefers to be called Juny.

Leonardo: Photographer, Gamer, Nature Sports fan, Husband and Businessman. He likes to practice trekking, rafting, kayaking and hikking. He loves to be in contact with nature but not giving up technology gadgets.

Travel – Gastronomy – Adventure

Our travel style is very versatile. We like adventure, to travel cheap and often even use backpack, but we do not give up comfort in lodging and good gastronomic experiences.

We are members of ABBV (Brazilian Association of Travel Bloggers) and RBBV (Brazilian Network of Travel Bloggers).

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The profile of our readers are predominantly young couples and women (24 to 35 years) .

The most of they lives in Brazil, in the states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. We also have a portion readership of Lisbon (Portugal).

Approximately 250 million people in the world speak Portuguese, so our potential to spread blog’s content is huge!

Media Kit


We have a good interaction with our readers by the proper blog comment area and social networks.

  • Blog Creation: April 2016.
  • Visitors: We have an average of 38.000 monthly accesses with current high growing rate percentage (around 40%)
  • 1.820 comments in blog posts

Although our blog was created on 2016, it has been in a constant growing, gaining rapidly influence in social networks and internet in general.

Our Social Networks

Our numbers, while not so large, are organic and true, we do not buy followers.

Our more special social network is the Pinterest. In March/2019 we had 1.4 million monthly organic viewers!

Our profile in Pinterest


Please find below the links to the content produced for companies that were once our blogging partners during travels. Click on the company name to access the post:

In Brazil

In the World


South America


During our partnership with Take Me Tour and Tourism Authority of Thailand we participated of a video to promote the tour and the Local Table program in Thailand:

We appreciate this opportunity to show a little more about our blog and we are looking forward to consolidate this win-win partnership.

If you have questions, please let us know.